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The best Russian rock groups?

I was inpired by the question "Best Russian songs" for this one :)

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exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2020

Define -- or better, refine -- your definition of "Rock", for there are bands in Russia that represent(ed) -- some are no longer active, e.g., the band Kino -- a great variety of styles of Rock, including "Soft Rock", "Techno Rock", (basic) "Pop Rock", "Hard Rock", "Protest/Political Rock", "Bard Rock", and several styles of "Metal" including from "Pagan-Folk Metal", "Thrash Metal", "Grindcore Metal", "Death Metal", "Symphonic/Epic Metal", "Speed Metal", and "Black Metal". (there are also "blends" of a few of these).

In my collection of Russian-language (and Ukrainian-language) music I have a few hundred albums, most of it in digital formats, of various examples of Russian-language "Rock". Personal favorites include:

- Kino (led by Viktor Tsoy, a master songwriter who died in 1990)
- Zoopark (led my Mayk Naumenko, who died in late 1980s)
- Akvarium (led by Boris Grebenschikov - "BG" to his fans - still active)
- Chaif, a wonderful band with elegantly arranged numbers covering a vast arr=ray of topics re: Russian life.
- DDT (led by Yuri Shevchuk, another master songwriter, singer, and storyteller)
- Arkona (Pagan-Folk Metal band fronted my a young woman we call "Masha Scream", which she indeed does and often! in her performances, esp. "live" performances which are electrifying)
- Ruyan (Pagan-Folk Metal, incredibly lush arrangements w/ massive power)

Those are just a few from the "top of my head". If I had to choose ONE -- the old "desert island choice" - I suppose I would choose Kino's albums, including ALL of Viktor Tsoy's "solo" albums and "live" concert recordings --- many of which happen to include "BG" and Naumenko, who often shared the stage with Tsoy.

Hope this list / these musings are of use to you, Vincent.

PS: You ever wanna hear these bands in lossless digital format (WAVE, FLAC, ALAC - the audio codec is your choice, I can make any audio codec from any source material), just shoot me a note here or @ the "message" board.
-edwin (exRanger)
  • vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2020
    Edwin, Thanks for your complete answer !! actually I did not have any specific Rock in mind (Actually I like most rocks from LedZepplin to Iron Maiden, to Dire Straits, pink floyd, pearl jam, red hot ...). I am gonna check the russian rock thanks to your examples
ANDYRICO profile picture ANDYRICOFebruary 2020
Leskot11 profile picture Leskot11January 2020
Gorky park, Splin
exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2020
In short: If it's "Russian Rock" from the 1960s until today, I know it, I have it, I can share it.

PS: I'm listening to an all-acoustic concert of Yuri Shevchuk, leader of the band DDT, as I am writing this very note.
Aettey profile picture AetteyMarch 2020
Тяжелый случай. Разные люди относят музыку к разным видам рока