Quicker way to learn Russian?

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Hi all, i am Rahul and i am a student from Mumbai, India. I recently finished my high school and want to pursue my career in engineering. I want to go to Russia for my further study because my uncle and aunt lives there and they want me to go there live with them. I have already applied to the college i will be going to but i need to learn the language. I could just go there and start learning there but i thought it would be better if i have some preparation from here. I found a course by EchoEE for learning the language much quicker, the description says so. What do you think guys, i want to know what process is best for learning the language much faster. I am going to Russian in 3 months now.

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justasomeone profile picture justasomeoneMarch 2017

Hello, Russian is my native language and I cannot know how it is to study it as a foreign language, but I still have some thoughts on your situation you may want to take into consideration:

1. You should get some basics from courses and then let your relatives teach you some practical russian (assuming they speak it).

2. I'd say you should focus on lexics and forget about learning russian cases. You see, english is an analytical language which means it uses word combinations and strict word order for giving the words some new meaning. Russian is a synthetic language - every word has its own meaning (mostly). If you get the meaning right - you will be understood in most situations. Example: "Yesterday, I go after you come" clearly means "Yesterday, I went (somewhere) after you had come". No grammar is correct, but it's understandable due to specific lexics. In russian it works perfectly.

3. Learn as much 'abstract' words as you can. Like directions (there, here) and pointers (that, this). Theese are really good for situations where you don't know the exact word, but still want to refer to something.

4. Get to know someone in your students group who speaks english, so that they can explain to you what you don't understand.

I am currently studying for my bachelor's degree and I've met some foreign students around the university - they all seem to be doing fine with russian language (their level is far from fluent, of course, but quite enough). Some teachers can give you a higher mark more easily if you act like you don't understand what question they are asking you. Good luck