GIVE ANSWERS - Português

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I would like to learn Portuguese. And i will help you learn English in return


Ariane_Nobrega profile picture Ariane_NobregaMay 2023
Hello! I can help you to learn Portuguese. I need to get more vocabulary in English.
JOSDA1969 profile picture JOSDA1969February 2023
Im brasilian and I can help you, by skype.
Would you Like to try?
NiloRocha profile picture NiloRochaOctober 2022
hi, I am Brasileiro. I can help you too. I need help with English
cam_august profile picture cam_augustMay 2022
hi, i would be glad to help!
Maramarques profile picture MaramarquesMay 2017
I can help you! I also need help with English.
Deluane profile picture DeluaneMay 2017
Hello, I am brasileira. Can I help you in portuguese and you help me in english
carlos_sou profile picture carlos_souMay 2017
I would like to improve my english, I can help you with the Portuguese.
eduardo_ma2 profile picture eduardo_ma2May 2017
Hey, i would like to improve my english, we can help each other to make it.