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How to Learn Polish

Hi. I am learning Polish. My native language is English and I am from Canada. I recently finished all the courses in the Polish Babbel course except for the words & sentences section. I still have some notes to take. What should I do next? I have a lot of family in Poland who only speak Polish. My goal is to be able to communicate with them one day without having to use Google translate 24/7. I want to visit them next summer if it's safe to travel by them. 


If anyone has any tips or resource recommendations that don't include Duolingo, let me know. 

P.S. I've made videos on Youtube with my notes from Babbel where I practice pronouncing the vocabulary and phrases taught in the lessons. 

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Happyann53 profile picture Happyann53October 2020
You can write with me. I am looking somebody to teach me English and in exchange I can teach you my language
emzaet profile picture emzaetAugust 2020
Maybe practice with someone else
  • kornelia_s3 profile picture kornelia_s3September 2020
    Miło słyszeć, że ktoś chce się uczyć języka polskiego. Najważniejszy jest kontakt z wymową. Słuchanie i tłumaczenie piosenek, oglądanie filmów, rozmowa. Wystarczy dziennie kilkanaście minut.
Marek21 profile picture Marek21September 2020
Hi! I would like to propose you an ASSIMIL method, and invite you to practice at least and regulary 15 minutes by day. It help me particulary. Dla mnie pracuję nie dużo, ale regularnie. Na przykład: piętnaście minut dziennie. Dziękuję.
AniaMB profile picture AniaMBSeptember 2020
I think that very important is practise with somebody who can improve your pronunciation. It isn't the easiest to pronuonce polish words correctly.
emzaet profile picture emzaetAugust 2020
I'm studying too polish