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Your Polish for my English/Spanish

Hi everyone! I keep looking for more people to practice/learn some Polish. I found some but I have a goal for my next travel to Poland (in a couple of months) so I'd like to talk to even more people. I offer English/Spanish. You can find me on skype xabi1309 or telegram @xavi_vega. Feel free to contact me :)

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maciej397 profile picture maciej397March 2020
Hello Mate. I'm happy to help if you will support me with english.
Thissy profile picture ThissyMarch 2020
Czesc ;-) I need someone to speak English and I can help you with your Polish
ElysAlex profile picture ElysAlexDecember 2019
Cześć! I've just registered and i found your message. I'm polish so i think i can help you. What can you say in polish? What do you want to learn?