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Clozemaster is language learning gamification through mass exposure to vocabulary in context.

I like...

Overall, my review of Clozemaster is that it's an effective program that will improve your vocabulary and your listening and reading skills.

➡ follow other users and compete against them. Gamification
➡ both multiple choice and cloze answers
➡ online and available either in web of phones
➡ progressive sets of decks to use
➡ grammar tests for some languages available.
➡ charts for reviewing progress.
➡ many language pairs, so you can learn French from English, or French from German, etc.
➡ presents the words to you as parts of sentences, giving you the entire context you need.

I don’t like...

It is effective, but sometimes it is just repeating the same point in different questions. Also, synonyms are not supported.

➡You can only do 10 card reviews at a time (you can change this in the pro version). This means you can't do 100 reviews. Even if you have 100 in credit, you still have to do them 10 at a time. This isn't a major issue. You get used to it.
➡It will show you the same word in 5 different sentences. So, for example, you might have only 5 reviews in credit for that day, and they might all be the same word again and again. Or you might have 100 reviews in credit that day yet get just the same 10 words, 10 times. (This is one of the primary reasons I stopped using it)
➡You do not create your own cards in Clozemaster and are using a previously existing corpus. Sometimes this contains curse words or swearing. Children/people who are offended by profanity might want to avoid Clozemaster
➡The need for an internet connection in the free version is not normally a problem if you're playing on a smartphone, but can be annoying if you're out of signal range.
➡The sentences and translations are crowd-sourced and there might be occasional mistakes.

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vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2022
Very Good
Very effective software!