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✓❌ How do you say "Yes" and "No" in Mandarin Chinese?


GrimPixel profile picture GrimPixelAugust 2022

Sorry, I didn’t check the mail. There are many different situations and they are answered differently. They are mostly answered with 不 with the verb or adjective: 是 and 不是: be or be not; 对 and 不对: correct or not correct; 能 and 不能: can or cannot; 有 and 没有: exist or do not exist.

wbtRg profile picture wbtRgAugust 2022
This question is so general that it’s difficult to answer.
  • vincent profile picture vincentAugust 2022
    yes I know, in Mandarin, yes and no does not exist that’s why it’s hard to answer
vincent profile picture vincentAugust 2022