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Is there a difference between "你多大了"(ni duodale) and "你几碎了(ni ji suile)"?


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tinh_le2 profile picture tinh_le2March 2020

几:1,2,3,4 。。。9 (years old - small girl, small boy)
多:>= 10 (If you feel the person who's more 10 years)

Natsummer profile picture Natsummerपिछले महीने

你多大了?This sentence can be used in Adults or Children or tenneger,if change ‘你’to ‘您’,it is express the repect.

你几岁了?This sentence always used someone ask the children.Generally not used for adults.

olivia_zho profile picture olivia_zhoपिछले महीने
Basically, there is no difference between them. The first one is Mandarin and the second one is Cantonese.
  • Berlusconi profile picture Berlusconiपिछले महीने
    I did not know that both mandarin and Cantonese use the same characters ( hanzi)
petertzy profile picture petertzyपिछले महीने

They are fast same. You can both say. Thank you.

AllenGracs profile picture AllenGracsपिछले महीने

Nearly same. If strictly, personally I would feel the second one is used for asking a child generally. 

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Osymunda profile picture Osymundaपिछले महीने
sometimes depends where u r speaking chinese cuz some words have slightly different meaning in other places
Osymunda profile picture Osymundaपिछले महीने
not really but ni duo da is ushally for older people