Learn Mandarin

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I'm Ika... i wannae learning mandarin
Can you help me
mariannavivi profile picture mariannavivi   
maybe you should try one on one Chinese tuition.
    December 2017
yuanyuan_p profile picture yuanyuan_p   
So I can help you, I can teach you like teach a baby,can you teach me Deutsch ?if you want ,contact me. E_mail. yuanyuan_pyuanyuan_p profile picture.
or yuanyuan_pyuanyuan_p profile picture
    September 2017
I am a native Chinese, Please feel free to contact me, my Wechat ID is manguo01
    August 2016
Anmme profile picture Anmme   
Hi, how could I contact you ?
    August 2016
liuxiang8190 profile picture liuxiang8190   

I can help you. Email: liuxiang8190liuxiang8190 profile picture

    July 2016
overcome0411 profile picture overcome0411   
I can help you , don't be shy.
    June 2016
RocketCat profile picture RocketCat   
yes, and what is your problems?
    June 2016
  • I_Ka profile picture I_Ka   
    Hai @rocketCat im newbie... so i need learn mandarin from the beggining
      June 2016