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what does the words u use after person names mean? for example "kun" "chan" "san"
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Hareti profile picture HaretiNovember 2012
''kun''means Mr, ''chan'' means Ms.
''san''means to respect for the person, and this ward can be use for Mr and Ms, and all.
hollowstranger profile picture hollowstrangerDecember 2012
"san" - Mr./Ms
"kun" - someone of your age group, still somewhat honorific
"chan" - you want to be kind and cute to a person who is you friend/a lot younger than you and you're in good terms with her
eriwan profile picture eriwanDecember 2012
They're Japanese honorifics.
Other examples, "san","sama"
"san" is the most common honorifics and is equivalent to Mr.,Miss,Ms. or Mrs.
"sama" is one level higher than "san" and is used to confer great respect.