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Can someone give me some tips to start learning japanese alphabets?
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genzaimu profile picture genzaimu6 days ago
For hiragana and katakana, it’s simply about repetition. Find a hiragana chart and a katakana chart you are comfortable with. Then you just have to keep on reading and writing while referring to the chart to remember them with time.

As for kanji, that’s a different story in terms of difficulty. You’ll just have to remember for each individual kanji, the reading(s) that goes along them. Easier reading material and books for younger children display the reading of kanji characters in hiragana or katakana above or next to the kanji (which is known as furigana). If you are trying to read a kanji character with no furigana to assist you, you’ll just have to look it up in a dictionary.

First you should master hiragana and katakana and then proceed to learn kanji.