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Dove è la differenza tra "giungere" e "arrivare"?
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confusione profile picture confusioneSeptember 2013

there aren't any differences, 'giungere' is a little old fashioned, if i were you i would always use 'arrivare'. i'm italian and i have never said giungere =)

Massyve profile picture MassyveAugust 2013
"Arrivare" is way more used. With some rare exceptions they are basically the same. To make it simple I advise you to use always "arrivare" when you talk about people. You can use "giungere" when you talk about things that have travelled a lot like "è giunta una lettera", "il pacco è giunto a destinazione" etc... but if you say "è arrivata una lettera" or "il pacco è arrivato (a destinazione)" it's perfectly ok. So basically use always "arrivare" when you talk!