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Hello, a question for my Iranian friends. What major social media apps and websites are currently banned? I know this isn't a language question, but it would be helpful info.
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Jaber_M profile picture Jaber_M   
Telegram,youtube and Instagram very soon
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Hasan-M profile picture Hasan-M   
but for example Instagram ,skype ,telegram , what's app, viber etc is reachable for iranians.
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Hasan-M profile picture Hasan-M   
it's better you name which website or social media you wanna know it's banned or not?

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marikh profile picture marikh   
Telegram , youtube ,facebook twetter....are banned
    December 2018100% GOOD (1 votes)
Whereismyavacado profile picture Whereismyavacado   
Almost everything????????
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Many Every misfortune is poured into our heads????
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