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what are some german slang terms that are popular for teens to use?
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Bennoni profile picture Bennoni2 weeks ago

right now everybody says ”digga” (dicker = buddy, dude)

etwas ”am start haben” (simply means to have something, kind of the german version for inda house, for example: Hallo alle, wir haben heute wieder neues Material für euch am Start, der Thomas ist auch wieder mit am Start)

one that never gets old ”kein’ Bock auf etwas haben...” (having no desire for something, example: Ich habe echt keinen Bock heute auf meine kleine Schwester aufzupassen)

"mega" as prefix for very or extremely: meganice, megageil, megakrass (all 3 mean extremely nice / dope)

"übel / übelst" = utterly (Dein neues Tiktok ist wieder übelst nice!)

"etwas feiern" = to find something awesome (Ich feier Dua Lipas Songs)

"die Fresse halten" = shut (the fuck) up (Junge, halt einfach mal die Fresse)

"verpiss dich" = get lost

"assi" = antisocial (Das ist wieder mal megaassi)

besides that a lot of english terms are used too, like yolo, as fuck, and even mashallah found it’s way into german mouths
i’m a few years too old to know more, but you can try to watch some youtube videos of inscope21, unsympathischTV, ELoTRiX. the chances are at 90% that you’ll hear most of these there (and they are actually quite funny in case you can understand a bit sooomehow)

  • Bennoni profile picture Bennoni2 weeks ago
    my pleasure.
    I just recalled one more: ”Grüße Gehen raus (an....)” is the german form of a shoutout to...
  • damarlenka profile picture damarlenka2 weeks ago
    thank you very much, friend! this will be really helpful/fun to use when i speak to pen pals my age : )
Bennoni profile picture Bennoni2 weeks ago
here I found a link with a lot of words. some of them might be a bit dated. for example Lauch (leek) for idiot, was extremely popular a few years back at least, the meaning is because a Lauch is hollow on the inside