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Is it true? (german speakers)

Please note I got as far as B2...a long time ago. So I hope someone remembers the fantastic Bastian Schweinsteiger. My question is, is there some hidden meaning / history related to that surname OR is it just a hilariously bad surname?

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luwirsig profile picture luwirsigLast month

I found this explanation: The name comes from a small village near Rosenheim in the south of Germany. The part ”-steig” does not come from the word climb (steigen) but from the middle-high-german word ”stige”, which means stable (Stall). So a person in the past called ”Schweinsteiger” lived in a stable with pigs.


milenedi profile picture milenedi3 weeks ago
It’s his real name
ahmed4216 profile picture ahmed4216Last month
What are you need ??