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In this extensive review, I dove into the world of language learning with Berlitz, a seasoned institution renowned for its pioneering educational techniques, particularly the Berlitz Flex program. Although Berlitz offers a variety of other solutions - including Berlitz Private Classes, Berlitz Group Classes, Berlitz Corporate Training, Berlitz Kids and Teens Programs, and Berlitz Phrasebooks - my focus in this exploration is primarily on the Flex program.

As an accomplished French language instructor and a fervent linguaphile, I embarked on an expedition to learn Spanish using the Berlitz Flex program.

To provide a well-rounded and unbiased critique, I fully immersed myself in the program, setting a target to attain an B1 proficiency level in Spanish. I scrutinized the platform from various aspects, taking into account the teaching method, platform usability, the caliber of instruction, and cost, among other factors. The practicality of the learned skills was also measured through real-life interactions during a trip to Spain.

Berlitz's distinctive teaching approach, emphasizing chunking and practical phrases over traditional grammar lessons, proved effective for enhancing conversational skills but fell short in offering a comprehensive understanding of the language's structure. Though phrasebooks weren't part of this particular journey, the program itself provided a broad array of useful and up-to-date expressions, which I found especially beneficial for social media interactions and informal chats.

While Berlitz might not be the perfect fit for every learner's needs, it is a robust platform that presents a practical approach to language learning. Despite some areas that need enhancement, Berlitz is a significant contender for those wishing to rapidly improve their conversational proficiency in a new language.

I like...

✅ The Berlitz Flex Program's strong emphasis on practical, real-life scenarios creates a more engaging learning experience and better prepares learners for real-world interaction.
✅ The Flexibility and accessibility of the online platform allow for a personalized learning experience tailored to the learner's schedule.
✅ The instructors are highly skilled and dedicated, providing quality language teaching across different levels.
✅ The updated Berlitz phrasebooks offer relevant, up-to-date vocabulary and phrases, making them a great supplemental tool for language learning.
✅ The method's focus on 'chunking' facilitates language acquisition in a more natural and intuitive way, particularly useful for beginners.

I don’t like...

❌ The Berlitz Flex Program might not be suitable for those who prefer a more structured and grammar-focused approach to language learning.
❌ The pricing can be considered high when compared to other language learning platforms.
❌ The variety of teaching styles from different instructors could cause inconsistency in the learning process.
❌ Some technical difficulties with the online platform could impact the smoothness of the learning journey.
❌ The cultural notes in the phrasebooks, while informative for some, may be seen as unnecessary additions for others.

Detailed description


A Brief Background on Berlitz and the Flex Program

Berlitz has been a respected figure in the language education sphere for a significant time, providing a variety of resources and programs aimed at fostering language proficiency. Among their portfolio is the Berlitz Flex Program, an innovative solution designed to cater to our rapidly evolving, digital world. The Flex Program offers a combination of independent study materials, live online classes, and opportunities for authentic conversation, striving to deliver a well-rounded and adaptable learning experience.

My Credentials as a French Teacher and Language Learner

As an experienced French teacher, I have always been intrigued by the dynamics of language acquisition. My expertise doesn't solely reside in teaching French, but also extends to learning other languages. From this two-fold standpoint, I have been able to witness and dissect various language learning methods, tools, and platforms, both in the role of a teacher and a learner.

Methodology for This Review

For a comprehensive and honest review, I decided to embark on the Berlitz Flex Program journey myself, choosing Spanish as my language of study. I began this exploration with an A1 level of proficiency, which I had acquired through self-study using Duolingo, and my target was to reach a B1 level.
To provide some context, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) defines the B1 level as a stage where the learner becomes an independent user of the language. At this level, a person can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. They can also deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling in an area where the language is spoken and produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Additionally, B1 level learners can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions, as well as briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
Throughout this learning journey, I meticulously documented my experiences, marking the highs and lows, challenges and triumphs, and the overall effectiveness of the Berlitz teaching methodology.
In addition to my personal experience, I sought out and considered feedback and reviews from other users to gain a broader understanding of the program's impact. Furthermore, I compared the Berlitz Flex Program with other renowned language learning platforms to determine how Berlitz stands up against the competition and if it delivers on its promises. My goal was to remain unbiased while providing an honest, transparent, and valuable review to prospective learners.

My Journey with Berlitz

Initial Impressions and Expectations

As I first embarked on the Berlitz Flex Program for Spanish, an array of emotions flooded over me. With Berlitz's prestigious reputation looming overhead, I had high expectations from the program. Yet, even with my professional background as a French teacher and a seasoned language learner, a whisper of skepticism lingered. I am acutely aware that language learning is a nuanced and individual journey, and no single program, irrespective of its merit, can serve as a magic wand for all.
The Flex Program promised a blend of self-study materials, live online sessions, and real-world application exercises - a comprehensive package that instantly piqued my interest. My goal was not only about reaching the B1 level in Spanish. I was yearning for an engaging, enriching, and impactful learning journey that went beyond rudimentary language learning.

Navigating the Spanish Course with Berlitz: A Rollercoaster of Epiphanies and Insights

Embarking on the Spanish course with Berlitz Flex was akin to venturing into an exciting journey full of unexpected twists and turns, punctuated by moments of anticipation and thrill of discovering something new. The course was divided into different modules, each focusing on various aspects of the language and was designed to cater to different skill levels.

Step 1 - Setting up the Course: After enrolling in the course, a personal dashboard was created on the Berlitz Flex platform. This dashboard was a gateway to all the course modules and was well-structured, which allowed me to quickly understand the layout of the course and to efficiently plan my study schedule.

Step 2 - Language Assessment: The course started with an initial language assessment. This comprised of a series of tests and tasks, designed to gauge my existing Spanish language skills. The results of this assessment were used to create a personalized learning plan, which tailored the course modules to fit my individual learning goals and skill level.

Step 3 - Module Exploration: The course was divided into various modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of the Spanish language. There were modules dedicated to grammar, vocabulary, conversational phrases, pronunciation, and even cultural norms. Each module was further broken down into smaller lessons, which made the course material manageable and easy to follow.

Step 4 - Interactive Learning Tools: The Berlitz Flex program employed various interactive learning tools to make the lessons engaging and fun. This included video lessons, audio clips, flashcards, quizzes, and interactive exercises. The real-world scenarios presented in these tools allowed me to practice the language in a context that was closely aligned with real-life situations.

Step 5 - Live Tutoring Sessions: In addition to the self-paced online modules, the course also included live tutoring sessions with native Spanish speakers. These sessions allowed for real-time practice and gave me a chance to clarify any doubts I had. It was during these sessions that I had the opportunity to use the phrases and vocabulary I learned in the modules, giving me practical experience and reinforcing the material I learned.

One of my most memorable moments was using a phrase I had learned in the communication module in a live conversation. I recall asking a shopkeeper, "¿Cuál es la contraseña del Wi-Fi?" It might have seemed like a small step, but it was a significant milestone in my language learning journey, showcasing the practical application of the Berlitz Flex program.

Throughout the course, I was continually impressed with the relevance and modernity of the phrases I was learning. Unlike traditional language courses that often use outdated terms and expressions, the Berlitz Flex program kept pace with the rapidly evolving global culture, ensuring I was learning language skills that were practical and relevant to today's world. This made the Berlitz Flex program more than just a learning tool - it was a bridge connecting me to the vibrant and dynamic world of the Spanish language and culture.

The Ups and Downs: An Honest Account

Embarking on this language learning journey was akin to climbing a mountain; there were moments of elation and triumph, coupled with instances of difficulty and setback. It's important to acknowledge that learning a new language, like any skill, is dotted with challenges, and my experience with the Berlitz Flex program was no exception.

On the downside, the hurdles often came from unexpected quarters. One particular challenge was the initial struggle with Spanish pronunciation. Unlike French, Spanish has certain sounds that were unfamiliar to me, and at times, my attempts at these sounds would create sentences that sounded more akin to a jumbled collection of words than a smooth, flowing conversation. There were also moments when I felt overwhelmed with the fast-paced, dynamic nature of the Spanish language, where new slang and expressions seemed to appear faster than I could learn them.

Another challenging aspect was the diversity in teaching styles of different Berlitz tutors. While this variety provided a comprehensive exposure to the language, the constant switch sometimes led to a lack of consistency, which could feel disruptive. There were also instances when I found the online platform slightly challenging to navigate, with some technical glitches disrupting the otherwise smooth flow of learning.

However, it wasn't all stormy weather. For every challenging wave, there was a rewarding moment of triumph waiting to greet me. One such moment of exhilaration came when I successfully used a Spanish phrase to ask for directions, "¿Podría indicarme cómo llegar a la estación?" The feeling of being able to navigate in a foreign language, on my own, was incredibly empowering.

Another significant victory was when I managed to conduct an entire virtual meeting in Spanish, beginning with, "¿Puedo iniciar la reunión en Zoom?" This was a testament to the practical, real-world application of the phrases and expressions taught in the Berlitz Flex program. It was a moment of realization of how far I had come in my language learning journey.

However, it's important to note that these victories didn't come easy. They were a testament to the countless hours of practice, the unwavering dedication, and an undying passion for language learning. A language program, no matter how comprehensive, is only a piece of the puzzle. The essential ingredients - determination, effort, and enthusiasm - are intrinsic, stemming from the learner themselves. In this respect, Berlitz served as a reliable guide and a roadmap, but the journey was mine to undertake, and the victories were mine to cherish.

Program Analysis

Exploring Berlitz's Teaching Methodology: Strengths and Weaknesses

Berlitz Flex Program emphasizes a practical approach where learning by doing is at the core. My initial sessions immersed me in scenarios mimicking everyday Spanish life. For instance, one of my first assignments involved role-playing a tapas-loving tourist, requesting a "tortilla española, por favor" (Spanish omelette, please). It was almost as if I could taste the flavours of an authentic Spanish tapas bar!
However, despite its strengths in practical application, the Berlitz method seemed slightly lacking when it came to intricate aspects of Spanish grammar. I recall an instance at a local Spanish restaurant, while trying out my newly acquired language skills. I could ask for the bill - "¿Puedo tener la cuenta?" - but found myself unable to question any particular charges or inquire about service charges. It was then I realized the gap left by not having an in-depth grammar focus.

An Engaging Yet Occasionally Flawed Platform

Exploring the Berlitz platform felt like wandering through a bustling digital city, replete with numerous learning avenues. With interactive quizzes to engaging dialogues, learning Spanish felt more of an adventure than a duty.
However, the platform did have its moments of digital traffic jams. I remember being in the middle of an engaging interactive exercise, constructing a conversation about visiting La Sagrada Familia. Just as I was about to complete the dialogue, the page froze, restoring functionality after a prolonged wait. These technical hiccups, though not frequent, did act as occasional speed bumps on my otherwise smooth learning journey.

The Berlitz Tutors: A Medley of Styles

Berlitz tutors are more than just language teachers; they are akin to cultural ambassadors, each bringing their distinctive style and perspective to teaching. During my journey with Berlitz, I had the pleasure of encountering tutors who used their profound understanding of Spanish culture and infused it into our lessons, creating an immersive, enriching experience that felt like a virtual stroll through the vibrant streets of Madrid or a deep dive into the lively fiestas of Barcelona.
Let me share an anecdote about my journey: One tutor, let's call her Rosa, was a fervent cinema enthusiast. She had a knack for weaving elements of Spanish cinema into our lessons, which provided not just language insights but also a unique cultural context. I found myself immersed in intriguing discussions about the nuances of Spanish society, guided by films like 'Volver' and 'The Sea Inside.' Rosa would have us dissect dialogues and movie scenes, offering invaluable insights into colloquial language and regional dialects. Her enthusiasm was palpable, turning each class into an exciting exploration.

However, the dynamic nature of the Berlitz Flex program meant that tutors could change frequently. When Rosa's stint ended, her successor, let's call him Carlos, brought a different flavor to the table. Carlos was a literary aficionado, and he channelled his passion for Spanish literature into our sessions. With him, I ventured into the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez and the existential prose of Miguel de Unamuno. Carlos would often share enlightening anecdotes about these authors, tying their literary works to historical and contemporary Spanish society.

While both cinematic and literary explorations offered rich cultural immersion and enhanced my language learning experience, the sudden shift in teaching styles felt a bit disruptive. It was akin to switching tour guides in the middle of an exhilarating journey, where each guide had a unique approach to showcasing the same landscape. As intriguing as it was to be introduced to different facets of Spanish culture, the change interrupted the flow of my language learning journey, making it somewhat challenging to maintain a consistent learning pace.

Program Evaluation

Breaking Down the Berlitz Flex Program

In my language learning journey, the Berlitz Flex Program was a constant companion, always ready to assist. The program, akin to a digital tour guide, was packed with practical phrases and reader-suggested content. For instance, it offered invaluable phrases like "¿Dónde puedo encontrar un cajero automático?" (Where can I find an ATM?), which came in handy during a hypothetical travel scenario.

Navigating Language Learning with Berlitz Flex Program

In the era of digital learning, the Berlitz Flex Program brings an invigorating blend of self-study materials, live sessions, and practical applications. During a network outage that prevented access to the online platform, I resorted to the downloadable materials from the Flex Program. The network glitch was soon forgotten as I immersed myself in the offline content, learning how to ask for help in Spanish emergencies - "¿Puedo usar tu teléfono? Tengo una emergencia." (Can I use your phone? I have an emergency.)

Deconstructing the Program's Chunking Method

The Berlitz Flex Program employs an intriguing technique known as 'chunking,' breaking down the language into manageable, meaningful blocks. To illustrate, I recall when I wanted to compliment a friend on her delectable homemade paella. The phrase chunk "¡Esto está delicioso!" (This is delicious!) proved useful. All I had to do was replace "Esto" with "Tu paella casera" to form the perfect Spanish compliment.

However, the chunking method had its limitations. While useful for creating basic sentences, it struggled to express more complex ideas. When I wanted to say, "I think your homemade paella is more delicious than any I've tasted in the restaurants," the program fell short, lacking chunks for such specific, nuanced thoughts.

In terms of methodology, Berlitz focuses on real conversations with native speakers. This real-time practice is a major strength, but the lack of a more robust grammar foundation might leave learners wanting more, a gap that Rosetta Stone attempts to fill with its immersive method.

Considering additional resources, Berlitz scores highly with its downloadable content, while Duolingo's mini-stories and Babbel's cultural insights are other noteworthy features.

The user experience across platforms also differs. The Berlitz interface is streamlined and easy to navigate, but technical glitches can occasionally hinder the learning process. Duolingo's gamified interface, while engaging, might not appeal to everyone, and Rosetta Stone's traditional layout can feel a bit outdated.

Mastering Speaking Skills with Speech Recognition: A Chapter of Self-Guided Learning

The Berlitz Flex Program boasts an innovative speech recognition feature that transforms the language learning experience into a more interactive and engaging journey. This unique tool nudges learners to construct full sentences and simulate real-life conversations, presenting an opportunity to practice and perfect pronunciation in a stress-free environment.

My experiences with the speech recognition tool were a blend of challenges and triumphs. I began with the apprehension of conversing with an algorithm, unsure of its effectiveness. However, as I immersed myself more into this tech-aided learning, I realized its value. The tool would analyze my pronunciation and highlight areas that needed improvement. This real-time feedback allowed me to fine-tune my pronunciation, focusing on the problematic words and phrases.

This feature turned into a personal language coach, guiding me towards more accurate Spanish pronunciation. I appreciated the liberty to practice on my own, without the worry of making mistakes in front of others. It offered the perfect space to be myself, make errors, and learn from them, setting the stage for more confident interactions with native speakers.

The speech recognition feature undoubtedly played a critical role in my language learning journey. It transformed my Spanish-speaking skills, helping me move closer to speaking Spanish like a local. Despite its algorithmic nature, it provided a surprisingly human-like interaction, paving the way for a more immersive and practical language learning experience.

Monitoring Your Progress with Berlitz Flex: A Journey Mapped in Milestones

The Berlitz Flex Program offers a comprehensive tracking system that helps learners monitor their progress effectively. It serves as a personal progress map, illustrating your language learning journey in a clear and intuitive manner.

On starting the course, I was introduced to my personal dashboard, a central hub where I could view my course progress, upcoming classes, and track my language skills development. It displayed the modules I had completed, those currently underway, and those yet to be explored. This visual representation was a constant reminder of how far I had come and the path that lay ahead.

Beyond the visual progress tracking, the Flex program also provided personalized feedback after each lesson. This was particularly helpful, offering insights into my strengths, areas of improvement, and tips on how to further enhance my Spanish language skills. I also had the opportunity to review my tutor sessions, which served as valuable reference points and further reinforced my learning.

One of the unique aspects of Berlitz Flex's progress monitoring was the progress tests conducted after every few modules. These tests assessed my understanding of the recently completed units, thereby giving me a clear picture of my grasp of the language and the areas that required additional focus.

In a nutshell, Berlitz Flex offered me a transparent and efficient way to track my progress, making the entire learning process more systematic and goal-oriented. The regular updates and feedback kept me motivated, and the comprehensive evaluation system ensured I was continually improving and moving closer to my goal of achieving fluency in Spanish.

Comparison with Other Language Learning Platforms

Investigating Other Popular Language Learning Platforms

The digital domain for language learning is vast and varied. Platforms like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel are all players in this field, each offering unique methods for mastering a new language. Duolingo, for example, uses a gamified approach, making learning an engaging, fun process. Rosetta Stone's immersive method, on the other hand, seeks to replicate a native language environment, while Babbel focuses on practical, everyday conversations.

Positioning Berlitz Flex Program in the Market

Comparing Berlitz to these platforms is like comparing oranges to apples - each brings something unique to the table. Factors like price, methodology, resources, and user experience reveal how each platform caters to different learner needs.
Berlitz's comprehensive approach, incorporating live sessions, interactive content, and self-study materials, is a strong point. However, this also comes with a more substantial price tag compared to the freemium model of Duolingo or Babbel's cheaper subscription.

Despite these shortcomings, the Berlitz Flex Program, with its innovative speech recognition feature and effective progress tracking mechanism, served as an invaluable tool in my language learning journey. While the limitations of the chunking method highlighted the need for a more rounded approach balancing grammar with practical usage, the program's immersive tools and practical modules made up for these gaps to a considerable extent.

Cost Evaluation

Decoding the Berlitz Pricing Scheme

Berlitz's Flex program is not the cheapest option available, but its pricing is justified by the comprehensive package it offers. The provision of live lessons with native speakers, access to the Flex online portal, and supplementary resources like phrasebooks contribute to the value it provides.

At the time of writing this review, the price is 660€ for a duration of 6 months.

Berlitz Pricing in Comparison with Other Platforms

When juxtaposed with other popular platforms, the pricing landscape becomes layered. Duolingo, for example, is mainly free, with a premium option to remove ads and access extra features. Rosetta Stone and Babbel, while not free, are cheaper than Berlitz on a monthly subscription basis.
However, this does not undermine the value Berlitz brings; the tailored, interactive teaching approach, the quality of instructors, and the inclusion of modern, relevant vocabulary may justify the expense for many learners.

Is the Investment Worthwhile?

Deciding if the cost is worthwhile depends largely on individual requirements and preferences. If real-time practice with native speakers, a Flexible learning schedule, and a more organic language acquisition process appeal to you, then investing in Berlitz could be beneficial. However, if you're working with a limited budget or prefer a more self-paced learning experience, other platforms might be a better match.
Remember, investing in language learning is a self-investment, and the best platform aligns with your learning style, objectives, and budget.

Final Thoughts

Retrospective of the Learning Journey

We have journeyed together through this thorough review, beginning with my first interaction with Berlitz and my ambitious goal of achieving an B1 proficiency level in Spanish. We have navigated through my initial impressions, aspirations, and reservations, with you accompanying me every step of the way as I dove into the Berlitz learning ecosystem.

Summing Up and Recommendations

Berlitz, against all odds, has proven its value as a platform focusing on spoken communication skills. Its immersive teaching technique, though unconventional and sometimes inconsistent, prepares learners for real-life conversations. The phrasebooks, with their innovative 'chunking' method, are a valuable tool for anyone wishing to grasp how the language is used in daily life. However, the pressing question remains: did this journey meet my expectations? Did it deliver on its promise?

My Progress: Aiming for B1 Level

The crucial question – did I manage to attain my target B1 level in Spanish using Berlitz? I am pleased to confirm that yes, I did meet my goal. However, it wasn't without hurdles and moments of uncertainty. I was successful in reaching my target level, but upon reflection, I believe I could have pushed a little further, possibly moving into the early phases of B2. Perhaps a more structured program, balancing conversational fluency with grammatical correctness, would have facilitated this.

Spanish Adventures: Immersion in the Real World

The real-world application is the ultimate test of any language learning program's effectiveness. I still recall my first day in Barcelona, armed with my B1 Spanish, eager to test my newly learned language skills. I ventured into a local café near the Sagrada Familia, attempting to order coffee. "Un café, por favor," I said, only to be met with a flurry of rapid Spanish from the barista that left me in a momentary state of confusion. We both laughed it off, and he kindly switched to English to help me out of my predicament.

Initially, such experiences did shake my confidence a bit. However, I came to realize that these are all part of the learning journey, the practical application of skills honed during weeks of study. I persevered. Gradually, I found myself able to comfortably ask for directions, "¿Dónde está la estación?" and engage in small talk, "¡Hace buen tiempo hoy!" I even surprised a hotel receptionist when I confidently asked, "¿Podría tener mi pasaporte, por favor?" to get my passport back.

The Right Choice is Personal

While this review reflects my experiences and perspectives, choosing a language learning platform is a deeply personal decision. Everyone's learning journey is different - we each bring our unique learning styles, budgets, and goals to the table. Therefore, I urge you to use this review as one perspective, among many, to consider your potential path in language learning. Take into account your individual needs, available resources, and level of commitment you're willing to make. Remember, language learning is not a race, but a marathon. It's a commitment to embrace a different culture, to understand a new way of thinking. Picking a platform that aligns with your individual needs is key to maintaining long-term motivation, keeping you engaged and excited throughout your language learning journey.

Overall Rating

On a scale from 0 to 5, I would assign Berlitz a 3.5. This score encapsulates the platform's strengths as well as areas where I perceive room for improvement. Let's delve deeper into the sub-ratings that contribute to the overall score:

Vocabulary: 4.5 out of 5

One of Berlitz's key strengths lies in the practical vocabulary it presents to learners. Real-world phrases, idioms, and slang are effectively incorporated into lessons. The use of their revised phrasebooks is an essential tool for learners aiming to engage in everyday conversations. However, the focus on colloquial phrases occasionally overshadows core vocabulary.

Grammar: 2.5 out of 5

The main weak point of Berlitz, in my opinion, is its approach to grammar. The emphasis on chunking and memorizing phrases can sometimes neglect crucial grammar rules. Understanding the language's structure is vital for beginners and intermediate learners alike. While Berlitz's commitment to immersive learning is commendable, the lack of detailed grammatical instruction somewhat hindered my progression.

Speaking and Listening: 4 out of 5

Berlitz shines when it comes to speaking and listening. Their teaching method helps learners become comfortable and confident in oral communication. The lessons are interactive, and the instructors do a commendable job of encouraging learners to speak as much as possible. This aspect was invaluable in gaining fluency.

Culture: 3 out of 5

In terms of cultural immersion, Berlitz provides some insights but could do better. Cultural information is sporadically incorporated into the lessons but often feels like an afterthought. Learning a language isn't just about mastering words and grammar; it also involves understanding and appreciating the culture from which it originates.

User Experience: 3.5 out of 5

The Berlitz platform is reasonably user-friendly, and the customer service is responsive. There were a few technical hitches along the way, but nothing major that significantly disrupted my learning process. The design of the platform is clean and straightforward, making navigation relatively easy.
In conclusion, while Berlitz has room for improvement, particularly in its approach to grammar and cultural learning, it is still a valid choice for those concentrating on rapidly enhancing their conversational abilities in a new language.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the different Berlitz solutions?

Berlitz offers a wide range of language learning solutions designed to cater to various learning styles and needs. Here are some of the main offerings:

1. Berlitz Flex Program

The Berlitz Flex Program is a comprehensive and Flexible language learning platform that allows learners to study at their own pace and according to their own schedule. It combines live lessons with experienced native speakers and a robust online learning platform. The curriculum is interactive and focuses on real-world scenarios, which promotes natural language acquisition. One of the key features of this program is the emphasis on 'chunking,' where learners are taught to grasp language in chunks of words rather than isolated vocabulary and grammar rules. This approach can be particularly beneficial for beginners and for those looking to quickly develop conversational skills.

2. Berlitz Phrasebooks

Berlitz Phrasebooks are supplementary materials that offer an array of useful phrases and vocabulary in various languages. They are updated regularly to include contemporary expressions, making them a helpful tool for social media interactions, travel, and casual conversations. While these books are often used in combination with Berlitz courses, they can also serve as standalone resources for self-learners or for those who want a handy reference guide.

3. Berlitz Private Classes

For those who prefer one-on-one instruction, Berlitz offers private classes that are tailored to the learner's needs and goals. These classes provide personalized attention and allow the learner to progress at their own pace. They can be conducted in-person at a Berlitz Language Center or online, offering the learner Flexibility and convenience.

4. Berlitz Group Classes

Berlitz Group Classes provide an interactive learning experience where students can practice their language skills with other learners at a similar proficiency level. This option is ideal for those who thrive in a collaborative environment and enjoy learning through social interaction. These classes can be taken in-person or online, depending on the learner's preference.

5. Berlitz Corporate Training

For businesses, Berlitz offers corporate training solutions designed to help employees develop and improve their language skills. The programs can be customized according to the needs of the company and can include various delivery methods, including face-to-face training, virtual classroom training, self-study programs, and blended learning solutions.

6. Berlitz Kids and Teens Programs

Berlitz also has specific programs aimed at younger learners. The Berlitz Kids and Teens Programs are designed to provide a fun and engaging learning environment that encourages children and teenagers to embrace new languages. These programs incorporate age-appropriate materials and interactive activities that make learning a fun and enjoyable experience.
In addition to the above, Berlitz offers a variety of other products and services, including online programs and language assessment services.

What is the Berlitz Flex Program?

The Berlitz Flex Program is a language learning platform offered by the international language education company, Berlitz.
It combines online self-study modules with live sessions facilitated by professional instructors. The program is designed to provide Flexibility and personalization to learners who prefer studying at their own pace.

What makes the Berlitz Flex Program different from other language learning platforms?

The Berlitz Flex Program stands out for its blend of online self-study materials and live instruction. This mix of learning materials allows for a more comprehensive approach to language learning that incorporates multiple learning styles. Furthermore, the program's focus on practical, real-life scenarios helps learners prepare for real-world conversations.

How does the teaching method of Berlitz Flex Program work?

The Berlitz Flex Program emphasizes learning through practical scenarios and 'chunking'. 'Chunking' refers to the learning of language in meaningful chunks or phrases, rather than focusing heavily on grammar rules. This approach encourages a more natural and intuitive process of language acquisition.

What is the role of live instructors in the Berlitz Flex Program?

In the Berlitz Flex Program, live instructors facilitate interactive sessions where learners can practice the language, receive feedback, and ask questions. This allows for a more personalized learning experience, as learners can directly interact with a language professional.

What is the duration of a course in the Berlitz Flex Program?

The duration of a course in the Berlitz Flex Program can vary based on the learner's schedule and pace of learning. The program is designed to provide Flexibility, allowing learners to study at their own convenience.

What is the price of the Berlitz Flex Program?

The cost of the Berlitz Flex Program can vary based on the language and course duration. However, it's worth noting that the pricing may be higher than some other online language learning platforms.

What is included in the price of the Berlitz Flex Program?

The price of the Berlitz Flex Program includes access to the online learning platform, self-study materials, live instruction sessions, and support services.

How often are the live sessions in the Berlitz Flex Program?

The frequency of live sessions in the Berlitz Flex Program can be adjusted to fit the learner's schedule. This Flexibility is one of the key features of the program, making it suitable for individuals with various time commitments.

Can I choose my instructor in the Berlitz Flex Program?

In general, the Berlitz Flex Program assigns instructors based on the learner's language level and availability. However, it's possible to request a specific instructor or change instructors if needed.

What if I have technical difficulties using the Berlitz Flex Program platform?

If you encounter technical difficulties while using the Berlitz Flex Program platform, you can reach out to their support team for assistance.

Does the Berlitz Flex Program have a mobile app?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Berlitz offers a mobile application called Berlitz eLounge, which supports their various learning programs. It allows users to learn on-the-go and offers access to a range of resources. It's advisable to check the official Berlitz website for the most current information.

How do the Berlitz phrasebooks fit into the Flex Program?

While the phrasebooks are not directly integrated into the Flex Program, they are another valuable resource offered by Berlitz. The phrasebooks focus on 'chunking'—the practice of learning phrases as meaningful wholes rather than breaking them down into grammatical components. This complements the Flex Program's practical, conversational approach to language learning.

What is the level of interaction in the Berlitz Flex Program?

The Berlitz Flex Program offers a high level of interaction, especially during the live instruction sessions. Learners can communicate directly with the instructor, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback. This live interaction aids in developing practical conversational skills.

Can I pause my course in the Berlitz Flex Program?

Given the Flexible nature of the Berlitz Flex Program, it's usually possible to pause your course and resume it later. However, specific terms and conditions may apply, so it's advisable to check with Berlitz directly.

Does the Berlitz Flex Program offer any certification?

Up until now, Berlitz does offer certification for certain courses and levels. For the most accurate and updated information, please check the official Berlitz website or contact their support team.

How is the progress tracked in the Berlitz Flex Program?

Progress in the Berlitz Flex Program is tracked through self-assessment quizzes, assignments, and feedback from instructors during live sessions. The platform may also have specific features to track and visualize your progress over time.

What if I am not satisfied with the Berlitz Flex Program?

If you're not satisfied with the Berlitz Flex Program, it's advisable to communicate your concerns with Berlitz directly. They can provide support and potential solutions. As for refunds, terms and conditions may vary, so it's crucial to check the refund policy on the official Berlitz website.

How can I make the most out of the Berlitz Flex Program?

To maximize your learning with the Berlitz Flex Program, it's essential to regularly engage with the platform, attend live sessions, and practice independently as much as possible. Take advantage of the real-life scenarios the program provides and don't hesitate to ask questions during live sessions. Also, using the Berlitz phrasebooks in tandem with the Flex Program can boost your learning.

Is the Berlitz Flex Program suitable for all levels of learners?

Yes, the Berlitz Flex Program caters to all levels of learners, from beginners to advanced. The platform offers courses that are designed to help you progress from one level to the next, making it suitable for a wide range of language learners.

Can children use the Berlitz Flex Program?

While the Berlitz Flex Program is primarily designed for adult learners, Berlitz offers separate language programs for children and teenagers. It's advisable to check the official Berlitz website or contact their support team for more information about these programs.

Does the Berlitz Flex Program focus on any specific dialects or varieties of a language?

Berlitz generally teaches the most widely spoken or standard variety of a language, but they also provide cultural context during the learning process. However, the focus may vary based on the language and course level. For more precise information, it's best to check with Berlitz directly.

Can I use the Berlitz Flex Program to prepare for language proficiency exams?

While the Berlitz Flex Program focuses on practical language use and conversational skills, the skills you acquire could certainly be useful in preparing for language proficiency exams. However, if you're specifically preparing for an exam, you might want to consider a course that is designed for that purpose.

Does the Berlitz Flex Program teach cultural nuances of the language?

Yes, one of the strengths of the Berlitz Flex Program is its focus on cultural context. During the learning process, instructors incorporate cultural nuances and practices related to the language being learned. This approach helps learners understand not just the language, but also the culture of the people who speak it.

How long does it take to complete a level in the Berlitz Flex Program?

The duration to complete a level in the Berlitz Flex Program can vary widely based on several factors, including the learner's prior knowledge, the time they can dedicate to learning, and their learning pace. It's best to consult with Berlitz directly for an accurate estimate.

How does Berlitz handle learners with different learning styles?

The Berlitz Flex Program uses a blended learning approach that caters to different learning styles. The combination of self-study materials and live instruction allows learners to learn at their own pace and through methods that suit them best. Instructors are also trained to adapt their teaching methods to cater to individual learners' needs.

Does Berlitz offer any corporate solutions?

Yes, Berlitz offers language training solutions for businesses and organizations. These solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization. More information can be found on the Berlitz website or by contacting their sales team.

What is the customer service like at Berlitz?

In general, Berlitz is known for its responsive and supportive customer service. They offer support for technical issues, course-related queries, and other concerns.
However, experiences may vary, and it's always best to check recent user reviews for the most current information.

Is there any specific technical requirement to use the Berlitz Flex Program?

To use the Berlitz Flex Program, you'll need a stable internet connection and a device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Depending on the specific features of the program, you may also need a webcam and microphone for live instruction sessions.

How can I practice my language skills outside of my Berlitz course?

To practice your language skills outside of your Berlitz course, you can connect with language partners on to practice your speaking and listening skills, receive corrections from native speakers, and ask questions about the language. You can also join in-person meetups and discover comprehensive courses in any language on

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