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Why does the word because is written : ’ cause ?


rose_777 profile picture rose_777Last month
The word cause is just ’cause (apostrophe + cause), which used to be the contraction of because until the more sensible-looking cuz, coz or cos took over (thankfully). My advice: don’t use it - it can be confused with the other word ’cause’ (as in ’cause and effect’). If you have to use a shortened because, it’s better to write cuz, coz or cos and only in informal writing and keep the word as because to avoid confusing your reader
Tace profile picture Tace3 days ago
’cause is just lazy speech. Cuz, coz, or cos would be equally as lazy and non-standard informal speech. Texting on small phone keyboards might have given rise to the shorthand, but not only would I suggest not using it, I would never use it in any company at all, in any circumstance at all.

The one exception I might make is in speech. People tend to ”eat” their words. They don’t say the word completely, so you want to be aware of how it sounds. It is still rushed speech, and poor form. The difference is that typing takes longer and you see the misspelling of the word which offends ones senses.

That’s my personal opinion.