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Hi, I have a question.


AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBg3 weeks ago
”I had a quick breakfast” collocates and ”sounds natural”.

It’s possible to use ”I had a fast breakfast” in Australian English, but don’t try that if you use British or American English
  • Mugaanyi profile picture Mugaanyi2 weeks ago
    we have two words ”fast & first” but with different meaning.
    Fast means speed and first means being no. 1 or 1st incident so you have to be keen when using them.
AndreaI profile picture AndreaI4 weeks ago
Do you say ”I had a fast breakfast” or ” I had a quick breakfast”
  • AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBg2 weeks ago
    ”I had a quick breakfast” is the usual way to say it.

    Note that there is an article ”a” here because we give a description of the breakfast - ”quick”.

    Incidentally, when breakfast is described as ”quick”, it means that it is eaten in a very short time as well as consisting of very few different things.
  • Mugaanyi profile picture Mugaanyi2 weeks ago
    Here you may say i had a first breakfast.
    The statement you wrote means the breakfast was speedy which is not correct.
  • Ljus profile picture Ljus4 weeks ago
    I am no English native speaker, but I would say: I had a quick breakfast. But: I went fast home.