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What is the meaning of ”I am not at the moment?”

I was doing Toeic listening excercise and felt very confused about this coversation :

Q: Could you give me some feedback on this Web design?

A. No, I am not at the moment

B. There's some more in the supply closet.

C. I was just about to leave.

The answer is (C) but i 'd like to ask why couldn't I choose (A)?

Does it mean "I am not available." as well?



orla_hsueh profile picture orla_hsuehNovember 2021

Thanks for answering.

The question contains only two lines so i couldn't give you more information about the conversation; however, now i get why i shouldn't choose (A):

First, it's an uncomplete sentence. Second, i think the sentence is pretty close to "I am not at the place right now " so it seen to be a umproper  response to the question.

AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgNovember 2021
You need to give some more context here, such as what was being said for that answer.

”I am not at the moment” would be a short-form answer for a question like:

”Are you doing your homework?”
”I am not at the moment.”

”I am not at the moment.” = ”I am not doing my homework at the moment”. ”doing my homework” is repetition and not needed.
Ljus profile picture LjusNovember 2021
I am no English native speaker, but could it be ”I am not in at the moment”, so this would mean the person is not at his/her working place right now...