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I am Beginner ..English is difficult?


lolly_peeps profile picture lolly_peepsJuly 2021
English is difficult, but so are most languages. Don’t let the perceived difficulty of a language prevent you from trying
  • Atileture profile picture AtiletureNovember 2023
    That’s a great attitude to have! It’s true that any language can be difficult to learn, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Learning a new language can open up new opportunities for you in your personal and professional life. It can also help you to connect with people from other cultures and learn more about the world around you. You can learn English with English games from

  • Manuelray profile picture ManuelrayJuly 2021
    With determination comes great responsibilities.
    There’s nothing on this planet that you cannot apprehend.
    If you set you mind to it,definitely you will achieve.
    Don’t give up,keep the train moving.
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgJuly 2021

Every language is ”difficult”. On the scale of things, English is relatively easy to learn at the start. Polish I think is much more difficult smile.gif

Persistence and continuity are the most important things. One hour a day six days a week is better than 6 hours one day a week.

Try to learn at least 2 or 3 new words each day. Learning more than 20 words a day is a waste of time. You will not remember them in future and will not be able to use them.

Don’t believe all the advertisements on internet promising ”you will speak like a native speaker in 3 months if you buy our course”. It takes a long time and effort to get to the point where you can have complex conversations with people. Anyone offering paid lessons with promises of ”you’ll be speaking like a native in 6 months with me” is almost certainly just trying to get your money from you....

Also, think in the language you are learning! Try to think in English - even simple sentences and words. This is vital for fluency later on.

Try to find people to practise with, even non-native speakers who speak English quite well. Try to use only English and don’t translate from Polish-English-Polish. Don’t worry about how ”simple” the conversation might seem smile.gif What is important is to use what you know.

  • KristianBiermann profile picture KristianBiermannNovember 2023
    Ich bin auch Anfänger. Aber, wie ich verstehe, ist regelmäßiges Üben entscheidend. Es gibt auch viele Sprachlern-Apps, die sich an Anfänger richten. Diese Apps bieten oft interaktive Spiele, Quizze und Aufgaben, die das Lernen interessant machen. Neben diesen Apps spiele ich gerne Glücksspiele und unterhalte mich mit anderen Spielern. Die hier gefunden Liste verfügbarer Online-Plattformen ist ideal für solche Glücksspielenthusiasten wie mich. Eine weitere grobartige Methode, die ich verwende, ist das Ansehen von Videos und Filmen in englischer Sprache mit Untertiteln. Das hilft, das Hörverständnis zu verbessern und Sie mit der Verwendung natürlicher Sprache vertraut zu machen.