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Why should you speak several languages?

Tell us how speaking multiple languages (or more than one language) has improved your life ...yes

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Rose26 profile picture Rose263 weeks ago
I find that it helps you connect better with others and the world! and it broadens your perspective.
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBg3 weeks ago

Speaking more than your own native language helps you to access others at a more personal level.

Personally, I have lived in other countries and spoken the local language on a few occasions. You see far more and understand things much better. People give you much more respect than, for example, ex-patriots and tourists who think ”the whole world knows English”.

Additionally, unscrupulous people are less likely to rip you off than if you are a tourist. You’re much less likely to get the ”tourist menu” with the ”tourist discount prices” (i.e. double the normal price for things).

As an added bonus, there are numerous scientific studies correlating the speaking of more than one language with lower levels of Alzheimers and other forms of dementia later on in life, and a later onset if you do have it. This benefit seems to increase with the number of additional languages you have learnt.
will_stewa profile picture will_stewa3 weeks ago
Many languages help you to understand different ways of thinking and other cultures.