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Which variant is correct I haven’t got much money or I haven’t got enough money ?
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AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgGeçen ay

Both are correct but have very different meanings.

”I haven’t got much money”: You only have a small amount of money. You are not happy about this situation - we almost always use this sentence negatively. But you don’t need more money than this presently, for example, to pay a debt.

”I haven’t got enough money.”: You have less money than you need to pay for something. This could be a very small amount of money or a huge amount. This could be used neutrally - to state the fact that you have less money than needed. Or it could be used negatively.

gfarnab profile picture gfarnabNovember 2020
Both are correct, but mean different things.

I haven’t got much money -> Количество денег, которыми я располагаю, невелико / я не обладаю кучей денег

I haven’t got enough money -> Мне не хватает денег

Jawad2020 profile picture Jawad2020Geçen ay
Both are correct and you can use each of them depend on the context such as,i did not have enough money to pay my bus ticket so i ask my freind to borrow some money.