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Difference between Hair and Hairs?


Tace profile picture TaceAugust 2019

Some context might be helpful, but...

I would refer to "a single strand of hair."
I might say, "I like her hair," referring to the hair on her head. In this case, I mean all the hair on her head.

"Hairs" is something I don't know I would ever say. I suppose you could say "I found three hairs" in my food. In this case, we use "hairs" as the plural of individuals, if that makes sense.

I hope this helps.
Tace profile picture TaceAugust 2019
I want to comment on whether "hair" is a countable noun.

After reading the responses, I see that "hair" can refer to a noun that is countable, OR a noun that is not countable, depending on context.

You can say, "He doesn't have much hair." The word "much" describes an uncountable amount. If your intention is to name an exact number of hairs for whatever reason, you can say, "I found a hair in my food," or "I found three hairs...."

You could also refer to it in an uncountable way. "She has a lot of hair," or "...beautiful hair."

I know we have beaten this horse to death, but if you get anything out of it, it is worth it. If you don't get anything out of it, there is still no harm done; and you are too smart to be confused.
tudinal profile picture tudinalDecember 2020
Something I made note of a while back, so I thought I may as well add since it’s come up now, sure, we use ”hair” to mean ” a person’s hairstyle”, however, when I was playing this avatar chat game, where you can change your outfits, of course player ended up saying ”different hairs” of course what they really meant was ”different hairstyles”. I hope this is helpful. Also we have the expression ”to split hairs” - means to go off talking about something irrelevant to the matter at hand.
davidgreen profile picture davidgreenDecember 2021

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jaafar121 profile picture jaafar121August 2019
Hi Vincent

Did you know that "hair" is an uncountable noun. That's why we say 3 strands of hair and not "3 hairs"
  • AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgJune 2021
    A strand of hair is actually a bundle of the substance ”hair” twisted together to form a single length/piece.

    This is why ”hair” is uncountable here.

    It’s possible to use ”strand” + ”hair” when ”hair” is a countable noun, e.g.

    ”a strand of a few hairs”

    but this is relatively rare.