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Hi. I am looking for a friend in English to talk with him or her to Improve my speaking. If anybody can help me pleas send a massage to me.
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as123eel profile picture as123eelJuly 2019
We can do it together
liwei001 profile picture liwei001July 2019
Alright, i am very good in English language. i also need someone to teach me chinese language perfectly,please interested person should write me. thank you
Mohammad-Saadati profile picture Mohammad-SaadatiJuly 2019
are you really 28??
you seem like a 20 years old girl

sathishgrm profile picture sathishgrm5 days ago
I speak English and I want to learn French as I am in France so someone please help me.
derrick_fe profile picture derrick_fe5 days ago
hic_ch profile picture hic_ch6 days ago
Hello Rey,
Pleased to talk with you in English,if needed do not hesitate.
abtinabdii profile picture abtinabdii6 days ago
hi .my english level is preintermediate .I wanna learm how to speak well