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What is the best learning method to apprehend a new language from 0? From a strictly scientifical, empirical point of view.

To whom it may concern,

For reasons that I can't explain here, nor it is necessary by the way, I desperately need to achieve an excellent level of Spanish and French as soon as possible, at around a C1 level or even more. And while I do understand that there is no such thing as a magical learning method, there might be a method that, from a scientifically proven point of view, is better than the others.

Could you please help me? 

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nmesomtoChukwu profile picture nmesomtoChukwuFebruary 2019
As the saying goes, "the best way to learn a language is to speak it". If you are confident enough to use any knowledge you have of your target languages, speaking them in any way you can and as much as you can in your everyday conversation even to people who don't understand the language, you will attain your aim faster than you expect. There's also something I call artificial immersion. This is the process of replacing most of your daily interactions with the same in your target languages. It entails replacing the movies, music, and all other media you would have used to those of your target languages. This is done with dictionaries at your disposal (preferably hard copy). Nonetheless, you must start from learning materials suitable for your level like simple books, movies for beginners, slow songs and the like. No subtitles would be best. Do your translation yourself, turn the pages yourself - it sticks faster that way. And don't forget, don't underestimate your ability by staying in one level for more than necessary. Take huge leaps, you're equal to the challenge.
I hope this helps.
Hayley1267 profile picture Hayley1267January 2019
Have you considered Rosetta Stone? Scientifically speaking it makes perfect sense. We didn't learn English with our mothers translating everything into another language... she showed us a picture of a dog until we understood that it was a dog. There is also a boy on youtube, who thinks he has the magic formula ( and a book) to learning languages. Ikenna Not sure how reliable that is. Good luck. Nothing beats practicing out loud and trying to think in your chosen language.