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I don’t have enough money or I haven’t enough money. Which is correct?
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exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2019
Note: the first example, ie, "....don;t have..." is more "American style", while the second example, ie, ..."haven't enough..." is more "British style".
exRanger profile picture exRangerJanuary 2019
Both of your example senrences are, in English, correct.
AussieInBg profile picture AussieInBgAugust 2020

"I haven't enough money" is presently not so common in British English and now is getting used mainly formally. The more common way to express it in British English is "I haven't got enough money."

There are set expressions with "haven't" such as "I haven't a clue." where "haven't" is used naturally and in everyday informal speech.

"I don't have enough money." is the way to do it in American English. It's also becoming more current in British English. So, if you are learning British English then it's probably "safe" to use this form.

Unless your British English is at the level where you can comfortably differentiate between formal and informal usage, then I would recommend using "I haven't got enough money." rather than "I haven't enough money.".