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What is the difference between "disability" and "inability" and "liability"?


lindseyr702 profile picture lindseyr702May 2018
Disability generally refers to when a person has a physical or mental limitation that makes it difficult or impossible for them to do something. If someone cannot walk and must be in a wheelchair, they have a disability.

And inability refers to when someone can't do something. this can also include people with disabilities but is not limited to them. If someone is deaf, they have an inability to hear. But also, I have an inability to fly.

Liability is similar to responsibility. If I am a teacher, I have a liability to teach the students. It can also be used to refer to a person who is likely to cause damage or problems. If a blind person worked at a butcher shop, they would be considered a liability because they would be likely to hurt themselves or damage the product.
Waltervaltuille profile picture WaltervaltuilleMay 2018
When a person has mental dificulta tô do something
Rocco923 profile picture Rocco923July 2022
I’ll tell you a personal anecdote to explain. I think it will make more sense than me defining the terms.

I have rheumatoid arthritis which is a disability. It causes pain and an inability to move without aggravating the pain during a flare. The causes of RA are unknown so it’s hard to tell where the liability falls. (Liability is very different from disability and inability. Liability can be substituted with the word ”responsibility”.)
Amohannad987 profile picture Amohannad987May 2018
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