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What phrasial verb do you use a lot in English ?

like give up, Carry on, come up with etc... 

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sybille profile picture sybilleJune 2017

Hello, here are a few example of the one I use: 


Add up
To make sense

“Her story didn’t add up, I think she was lying”


Bring up
To mention (something) when talking

“Don’t bring up the fight again, please!”


Carry on
To continue to do something

“Sorry I interrupted, carry on talking!”


Come up with
To think of something that is needed 

“We finally came up with a solution!”


Get along
To be friendly

“We’re not together anymore, but we get along fine”


Give out
To stop working

“The city had to rebuild the bridge completely, because it was about to give out and fall down.”


Put out 
To extinguish a fire

“The firefighters managed to put out the fire.”