Tekstong galing sa Dima79 - English

  • Tom’s daily routine.

    • In general, he wakes up at 7am, then he goes to the bathroom to brush the teeth and takes a bath with cold water.
  • He hardens his body with cold water.
    • Then, he gets dressed sport suit and go for a walk about 20 minutes.
    • When he comes back home, he takes a bath again.
    • After that he cooks something light, because he isn’t so hungry from morning.
    • So, he is ready to go to work.
  • He works as a carpenter at the furniture factory.
  • He has been working there for three years.
    • He likes a lot his job!
    • His working day is from 8 am to 5 pm and with two days off on the weekend.
    • His son lives in Boston on Mulberry stree.
    • When Tom is in vacation he always visits of his son taking him many gifts and things that he asks to bring.

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