Tekstong galing sa Dima79 - English

  • A conversation between colleagues at work

    • Alice: Paul, let me file this report, okay ?
  • Paul: Let’s don’t it. Alice: Why ?
    • Paul: Now, it’s not still a time for it.
  • Let’s do it on time when it’s necessary.
    • Alice: Oh, yes !
  • Paul: Oh, now it’s already noon.
  • It’s time for lunch.
    • Let’s go to the closest restaurant to have a lunch ?
    • Alice: To be honest I’m not too much hungry.
    • I’ll keep you company and have a little snake like a chesse hamburger with juice.
    • Paul: Honestly, I don’t know where is the closest restaurant here.
  • I always ate in our work canteen.
    • Do you like how they cook there ?
    • Alice: Yeah, they cook the best food !
    • I started eating there since I have been found a job on the company.
    • Paul: Ok, let’s go because we have only one one for lunch.
  • They are going to the restaurant.
    • Finally they found it, hmm... it wasn’t narby because they spent 20 minutes by walk.
    • They made their orders and have a good time eating and at the same speaking.
  • Paul: Oh, unfortunately we have to go to come back in time.
    • Our lunch time will be finish in 20 minutes.
  • Alice: Hmm, the food here is really good, but only one thing, it’s a bit far from our office.
    • I prefer to lunch on the company’s canteen.
  • Paul: I completely agree with you.

Pakiusap, tumulong sa pagtatama sa mga pangungusap! - English