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    • A story about vacation Tom’s family

  • Every year we go to Florida.
  • We like to go to the beach.
  • My favorite beach is called Emerson beach.
    • It is very lond, with soft sand and palm trees.
  • It is really beautiful.
  • I like to make sandcastles and watch the sailboats go by.
  • Sometimes there are dolphins and whales in the water.
  • Every morning we look for shells in the sand.
  • I found fifteen big shells last year.
  • I put them in a special place in my room.
  • This year I want to learn to surf.
  • It’s hard to surf, but so much fun.
  • My sister is a good surfer.
  • She says that she can teach me.
  • I hope I can do it.
    • My sister and I went to long walks few times in the mountains when the weather was good.
    • I can say that we were lucky with weather and spent a good time on the coast !

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