Text from anzi123 - English

    • life in london

  • Time flies.
    • I have been living in London for a while, sometimes I would ask myself ’ what is it like living in London?” Actually, it’s a hard question to answer.
  • Firstly, I feel free.
  • As an only child of my family, living in a city where nobody knows me gives me freedom.
  • People here don’t know my past, my story...I can just be myself.
    • Secondly, living in London is like taking a roller coaster.
    • What will your day be like depends on what kind of person you will meet.
  • Sometimes very nice, sometimes very bad.
    • There is a time when I feel exhausted because everything is expensive and I feel the stress in the city’s atmosphere, in this situation, people can be cold and less friendly.
    • Sometimes I met very nice people who brightened up my days, they may not be very rich and struggling to survive in London, but they are kind, hardworking and merciful, which touched me a lot.
  • London is London.