Text from RiverItchen - English

  • Bidding Adieu to River Itchen

  • Hi, guys, especially native speakers of English.
  • I scribbled a poem before I left Southampton, the UK, to commemorate my days there.
  • I only know how to use end rhymes, but I don’t know whether it is really a poem indeed.
  • Please point out my bad expressions in the poem.
  • Thank you, guys! Bidding Adieu to River Itchen The time to bid adieu is drawing ever near, My love for this enchanting land will never disappear.
  • Eastward, the River Itchen gracefully flows, Causing my tender heart to endure its throes.
  • Memories of my Southampton life surge and sway, Leaving an etched pain that forever will stay.
  • Even the boundless sky has its final day, But camaraderie and mirth shall forever hold sway.
  • Though time may find us all in a frantic race, The past will fade, leaving no trace.
  • Lingering on are Her mellifluous words, Enchanting my soul like sweet melodies of birds.