Text from OgnjenBanovic - English

  • Program Rules

  • Here is just a post for certain rules to get in mind about the program that would be good to follow for both sides for a coach and student.
  • Scheduling session: Please make sure to pick the time slot that you know you’ll be available.
  • I will close the calendar on Monday at noon.
  • After that you can ask me personally about the available slots that are left.
  • Rescheduling on the same day: As it is stated in the Agreement, I cannot reschedule on the same day/an hour before the session/10 minutes before the session.
  • A week is completely booked and once you book, I adjust other things around those sessions.
  • I gave you the freedom to choose and be flexible to reschedule 1 day before whenever you want.
  • Being late on the call: Please make sure to be at the time one the call and not late 5,6, 7 or more minutes.
  • I cannot guess whether you will be on time or not.
  • If you simply cannot make it at the time, try to write to me on Whatsapp before the call that you’ll be late and that’s it.
  • If you don’t write to me - I will end the call at 4-5 minutes if you don’t join.
  • Not answering messages: Please make sure to answer me on messages on email and Whatsapp.
  • We all sometimes forget to answer but in this case I have to know how to move further in terms of sessions/scheduling-rescheduling/materials please make sure to answer.
  • If you don’t answer within a week.
  • I will stop sending you messages.
  • Not Being prepared: Please make sure to be decently prepared for the call that we have.
  • We can always talk randomly but it is crucial to get over a certain topic to learn vocabulary in order to progress.