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    • Why I love Friends series

  • People love Friends!
    • They are outstanding!
    • I have noticed I’ve learned a lot thanks that serie, actually, it’s one of the best to learn English, that’s why I searched it in first place, because a friend of mine suggested me that.
    • And then, I googled and she was they are that funny that it’s easier to learn with them jjjj It was on tv, but it’s over last week...
    • I watch each chapter three times 😂 and I always laught at them.
    • I hope finishing to study all seasons by August or September... there are a lot of chapters uff but I enjoy it so much...
    • I always write you down in English because is a way to practice, I prefer you do the same...
    • I love English jjjj this outbreak 😷 made me love it even more... due to Friends!
  • Have a good evening! See you!