Text from sebamonj - English

  • Random phrases part 4.

  • 1.The new waiter starts working on Monday.
    • 2.He gives the new waiter a wrist for luck.
    • 3.The new waiter has misunderstood the boss ’ order.
    • 4.The new waiter will have had an advance by tomorrow.
  • 5.The client raises his hand and the new waiter approaches him. 6.
  • I came across some old friends at a local restaurant. 7.
    • Some old friends ’ dog is a big black Doberman.
    • 8.I was so worried because some old friend had had an accident.
    • 9.Today I meet with some old friends who also were my mates in high school.
    • 10.Some old friends were told of the terrible new.
    • 11.Chinese entrepeneurs made an offer for the new boss.
  • 12.We were all anxious because the new boss called us for an appointment.
    • 13.I got a request for the new boss.
    • 14.Chandler arrived to work a few minutes later and the new boss draw his attention.
  • 15.The new boss always tells James off because he rarely gets his job done on time.
  • 16.The new boss has been told about the current situation of the staff.
    • 17.The new boss was delighted with the state of his new office 18.If you had helped us, we would have finished the task the new boss had ordered us.