Text from Thomas346 - English

  • Do you like traveling?

  • I love traveling!
  • My favorite destination is the mountains.
  • I like hiking and seeing wild animals like chamois, marmots, ibex, eagles, vultures, and many more...
  • Every time we taste the local specialties like tartiflette, fondue,tarte flambée in winter.
    • We also like discovering the cheese and delicatessen and the delicious desserts made with the milk of the goats or cows of the mountain pastures.
    • We travel most often by motorhome, it’s the total freedom.
    • We take our electric bikes to make hikes and visit the surroundings.
  • Our last travel was to Limbourg in Belgium.
  • We went cycling to Bokriyk.
  • Do you know ” cycling through water ”?
  • It’s a beautiful place.
    • We also cycled among the trees to Hechtel-Eksel to Lommel.
    • It’s not necessary to go far to see wonderful places and to make beautiful sporty rides.
  • Belgium is a beautiful country and there are many things to experience.