Text from Reem1989 - English

  • My Big Sister

  • I have a big sister.
    • She is my friend also.
  • We share a lot of adventures, secrets, and stories.
  • She looks like me but prettier with her big brown eyes and dark tall hair.
    • She is also short but a little taller than me. we have lots of differences for example she eats healthy food and I like junk food. she loves to read and I am not. and the biggest difference is she is so optimistic, and I have a dark vision toward most things in life. she sees the goodness in every situation.
    • I refuge her when I face a big problem and easily I start to feel relief and everything is fine.
    • Maybe the cause of that is she reads a lot and she learning from people’s experiences.
  • I have one thing in common with her that we like to go to the gym three or twice a week.
  • I hope she will live a happy optimistic long life.