Text from sebamonj - English

  • Some unconnected phrases

  • 1.
    • My parents ask who had broken their souvenirs, and I quickly ran away. 2.
  • We fed it everyday, but the bird died anyway. 3.
  • I told him off because he lost his key. 4.
  • We quickly search for a shelter, for it was raining cats and dogs. 5.
  • We are bounded to go away, because Isabel had bought the tickets. 6.
  • The boss orders them to make extra hours; therefore they just stayed at work. 7.
  • I love any genre of music; however, I prefer classical music 8.
  • If the carpenters earn enough money, they will travel to Berlin next year. 9.
  • No one understands why Charles should go along. 10.
  • I always wonder myself what made you lie to me. 11.
  • I never understood how a computer works. 12.
  • The witnesses know who robbed the bank. 13.
  • When I drove up to the grocery store, I almost ran over a distracted pedestrian. 14.
  • I didn’t know what to do when Mother saw the package on the table. 15.
    • I want to know where you bought the ring. 16.
  • If I had arrived before you left the meeting, I would have gladly joined you. 17.
  • She is extremely worried, because his father is very ill right now. 18.
  • This is the old house where my grandfather lived. 19.
  • I don’t understand why no one told him that Laura had returned. 20.
  • I was pretty asleep, but I quickly got up and closed the windows.