Text from Ksenia200 - English

  • The Great Fire of London

  • I would like to retell you the text.
  • The title of it is "The Great Fire of London".
  • The title helps me to understand what the text is about.
  • The text is about a terrible event of the 17 century.
  • The Great Fire of London started in a baker`s shop.
  • It spread really quickly and a strong wind helped it.
  • The text describes a frightful incident that happened in the capital of Great Britain.
  • The author writes about a man who lived at the time.
  • His name is Samuel Pepys.
  • The man was a Clerck to the Royal Navy.
  • He kept a diary that has been well preserved.
  • I`d like to point out that people forced to evacuate their homes chose to bury or hide what valuables they couldn`t carry.
    • Samuel Pepys spoked to the Admiral of the Navy and they decided to blow up buildings to stop the spread of fire.
  • Finally, the fire was brought under control after 4 days.
  • By the way, even the King, Charles II, helped to put out the fire.
    • To sum thing up, I`d like to tell you about my thoughts and feelings about this text.
  • I find so much curious information.
  • For example, I didn`t know before that people tried to hide their belongings they couldn`t carry.
  • So I liked the text.
  • I find it really informative and full of useful facts.
  • That`s all I wanted to say.