Text from Flocat90 - English

  • Our trip to Giordania

    • In November I took a journey with my family.
    • We left from Sardinia and with big group of people and a wonderful touristic guide we took a journey around Giordania and Israel.
  • The meeting point was in Rome, since the fligth for Amman should had left from Rome at 8:00 a.m.
    • Afterwars we had met the touristic guide and the group all togheter took the flight that should had taken to Amman.
    • The flight was quite good actually, we spent the time wondering how much wonderful this journey could have been.
  • And we were right indeed.
    • The journey lasted 10 days, during wich we visisted severals city and archeological areas such as Petra, the old city of Amman and others cities.
    • We even have visited the Dead Sea.
  • It has been such a great experience that I think I will remember it for all my life.