Text from Linda666 - English

  • Blablaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • I came here with a view to improving my english.
    • That's the only thing i can do during coronavirus.
  • There's no job for me anymore, because all kids are on holidays, and I'm kinda short of cash.
  • Not that I'm broke, but I'd be so pleased if I had a chance to get more money.
  • Money is a good thing duh.
    • So what do i do for a living.
  • Well I'm a language tutor.
    • The only thing that I like about my job is that i don't have a boss, who might yelling at me all day.
    • The world is changing and,lucky me, I have a chance to be who i want to.
    • Sometimes i really think that i don't owe my life, but today i guess the chemical balance in my brain is good, otherwise i have no idea why i'm being so calm and relaxed.
  • I didn't come up with all that, you know I'm trying to be more honest.
  • At least something will be real.
    • What does any person need?
    • Meet their own needs, Like eating,resting and blabla.
    • You need to work to secure yourself money that can help you not to die of hunger.
    • But else do we need?
  • To my way of thinking the only purpose of our lives is to prove the existence.
  • Such a big deal for a girl who is 5.15 ( almost dwarf lol).
    • Despite my height i'm quite resolute when i need to be.
  • Rest of the time I get wasted with my imaginary cat.
  • Sounds too cliche huh?
    • The lonely, boring cat lady, I'm not dramatazing.
    • I just have nothing to boast of.Half of the live is drudgery and I'm outraged that I can't go out.