Text from AngeloFRN - English

  • Money and women

  • This is the story of Bobby a billionaire man.
    • He is founder of the King Bobby Capital.
  • Bobby is constantly trying to tilt the capital markets in his favor when he is forced to step away from his firm as part of an agreement with the government.
    • But, Bobby finds it impossible to stay out of the game and so he put his firm in the hands of trading savant Asia.
  • Usually, she is the smartest person in the room.
  • When Dr. Maggie Just happen to be King Bobby's in-house psychologist, which, complicates matters.
  • In fact all her career is based on a dangerous concoction of psychiatry and performance coaching.
  • Finally, Maggie, in her infinite wisdom, decided to ditch the idea to leave her husband for her interest in Bobby, her boss and friend too.
  • But a night Maggie needs to thing on her marriage.
  • Maggie and Bobby make a bed.
  • Next she sleeps in it but, is she alone inside the bed?
  • Paul thinks his wife is cheating him.
  • In addition to this idea, they are still debating whether or not Maggie's friendship with Bobby is cheating.
  • The war between Paul, Maggie's husband and Bobby go to be devastating.
  • In this way the tow men have broken and ruined their lives.