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    • Writing correction

    • I’m not sure if I’m qualified to say so but I had some experiences just like the way Mr. Peterson talked about.
  • I used to over-analyse people!
  • I mean I used to do a mental experiment on a few numbers of people, like the “operant conditioning” theory-experiment; The cause and effect.
    • It was like a mental engagement and I loved that.
  • It kept my brain engaged in my own-created challenge.
  • But it wasn’t something congenial, so I gave it an end though it was a fantastic experience since I’d deluged my brain with a series of baffling and abstract facts but I had to get it over with or else that might get me into trouble, it wasn’t worth squandering time on something vacant that can easily devour my time.
  • It was working like a haven for me or maybe a “comfort zone”.
  • Anyway, I love such noetic engagements