Text from astinus_de - English

  • presentation

  • Hello everyone.
  • My name is Jesus, I go to make you guide in this route for different monument.
  • Currently we are in the college green garden is great mark where the people in the sun day open the garden and always there are (festival, activities, etc), since here we are watching different place, I first for the council their exterior more would characteristic were two unicorn from the roof corners, it mythology animal is city´s symbol.
  • It little around watching the Bristol cathedral with first peculiarity is slight altitude.
  • Next to come across the Marrot Hotel of stars fiver, some the best centre, also more luxury.
  • My lost say that enter council and cathedral is centre library more beautiful and visit for studying.
  • Before bracket watch college Green Street with same the garden, It´s Street first arrive Clifton, it have different characteristic shop, pub, Museum University.
  • Across the street find a famous bansky´s graffiti.
  • In the following movie each tourist recuse in detail. See you soon.