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  • Hello everybody, my name is Niko and I am the founder of this company.
    • Do you know that?
  • You need multilingual support in your daily business, but at the same time you need a capable sales representative who stands behind your services and markets them appropriately?
  • We are language and sales experts.
  • This is a combination that enables us to achieve ambitious goals.
  • As international sales experts, we are happy to carry out your sales on a national or international level and thus open new doors for you.
  • So you can concentrate in peace on your core business.
  • We can assist you as multilingual language assistants at trade fairs or international events.
  • This saves you expensive translation costs.
  • Do you want to learn a language but don't have time to attend a language course?
    • You lack an effective strategy and the necessary motivation to start?
  • Our language experts act as language teachers and language strategy mediators at the same time and support you with a promising method.
  • Start today with a 30-day language challenge!
  • Now call up the contact form at the top left of the page and contact me directly with your request.
  • I am already looking forward to hearing from you. See you soon!