Text from cristina_j - English


  • The concept of intelligence.
  • The concept of intelligence has developed over the years.
  • In the past, intelligence was considered a concrete skill that experts could measure with very specific test.
  • In recent years, intelligence has come to be considered a skill that includes many facets.
  • In this way, intelligence isn’t a more or less measurable skill.
  • It is a more global ability of the person.
  • Which allows us to understand intelligence in a more real way and not so focused on its possibility or ability to acquire academic knowledge.
  • Do you want to know some things about the intelligence test?
    • There are experts who say that the intelligence test only measure the ability for reading and understand what are you reading, how fast are you able to solve a problem and who commit lees errors.
    • In addition, you can train to solve better the tests.
  • So the more you train, the better results you will have, but that doesn’t mean that you are more intelligent.
  • • Have you ever done an intelligence test?
  • • How did you feel when you do it?
  • In my opinion, doing an intelligence test is not bad, but I think the tests really measure your academic ability.
    • For example, a person from an indigenous tribe that that has never studied, possibly he will get low test results but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t intelligent.
  • So, what is intelligence?
  • Intelligence is a difficult concept to define.
  • A simple definition describes it as the ability to generate new information by combining what we receive from outside with what we have in our memory.
  • It is a general capacity that involves several factors: abstract thinking directed towards problem solving and the ability to acquire knowledge.