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    • favorite restaurant (essay)

    • Chanthaburi province is a coastal town on the eastern seaboard.This province has a variety of restaurants such as Thai restaurant, Fast food restaurant and Thai-Chinese restaurant.But the most popular restaurant is Seafood restaurant.I would recommend Krua Samed Dang at Leamsing beach because I like the place.
    • Krua Samed Dang is on of most popular seafood restaurant in Leamsing, Chanthaburi.
    • The restaurant is located across from Leamsing bridge.
    • The restaurant is near the seaboard and mountain with panoramic view is conveniently located.
    • It 's comfortable to travel and ample parking space.
    • It's open at 9.00 am. - 10.00 pm.
    • This restaurant you can have lunch or dinner and have a party with your friends or your family.
    • When you have your food while looking the beautiful view.
    • In addition, you can listen music from a live band every day.
    • The restaurant has a variety delicious food and less expensive such as steamed egg with seafood, crab meat yellow curry, seafood salad, prawn and lemongrass soup with mushrooms and barbecued shrimp.
    • It recommends food is snapper topped with sauce.
  • It's very popular.
    • Krua Samed Dang is my favorite restaurant because it's delicious food and fresh seafood.
    • This restaurant makes me relax, comfortable and feel like at home.The service is very good.You should come on and test it.