Korean-Indonesian LanguageMeetup + HangeulCafe International Mingle_WEST JAKARTA

You can bring your own book to ask and learn with others if you want. Or you can just talk comfortably with stranger using indonesian or korean. Basically it's all about korean stuff(language, culture, etc) over food and coffee

Hangeul learners are expected to order a drink or a food by yourself in the restaurant.
We already booked VIP room only for us, so make sure you order something there:)

We are small community who love korean stuff in Jakarta. We like to learn korean together, share about korean stuff, meet korean expat. Basically we like to talk and meet new friends over coffee and food as well. So, don't hesitate to join us and feel the atmosphere by yourself:)

This meetup is strongly suggested for:
1. Indonesian who wants to know more about korean culture, language, food, etc
and share about their own(indonesian) culture, knowledge, experience, etc
2. Korean who wants to know more about indonesian culture, language, food, etc
and share about their own(korean) culture, knowledge, experience, etc
3. Every expat in Indonesia who wants to know more about indonesian and korean culture, language, food, etc
and share about their own culture, knowledge, experience, etc
4. Everyone of you who loves korean stuff and want to make new friends:)

General Rules at our meetup:
1. We strongly suggest you to do RSVP on our meetup.com group before the D-day(min D-1) at: meetup.com/hangeulkoreanlanguagecafe/
2. Since we booked Private Room at every venue of our meetup for our convience, EVERY participants MUST order AT LEAST 1 food and 1 beverage for yourself
3. Be comfortable with yourself and IF YOU WANT, you can bring your own book or materials to learn together with other participants FOR LANGUAGE EXCHANGE MEETUP
4. Bring your friends and have fun with US:)

Contact us for MORE DIRECTION and if you have any QUESTIONS:

Contact person:
1. Jesse
[masked]: whatsaap
bboyjezz : kakao ID / 카톡 아이디

2. Merlyn
[masked]: whatsaap
merlincendana : kakao ID / 카톡 아이디

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Facebook Fanspage: Hangeul Korean Language Cafe
Instagram: @hangeulkoreanlanguagecafe