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bocix profile picture bocixNovember 2018
hi everyone, i want to learn english and japan
JoanneFlo profile picture JoanneFloFebruary 2017
Hi! For you who wants to learn Indonesia, Chinese, or english, please chat me. I want to learn Japanese in exchange. thanks a lot
  • bocix profile picture bocixNovember 2018
    konnichiwa , nice to meet you watashiwa Rizuki desu, Kaishain desu, indonesia kara ,watashiwa nihongo benkyoshimasu, but still basic and still learn....and i'm still learning english also, please help me to discuss in english..thank you ...yoroshiku onegaishimasu
surya_guna profile picture surya_gunaMarch 2017
Hi, im from Indonesia and i want to learn about English. Please add me and be friend
Natalia_indonative profile picture Natalia_indonativeFebruary 2017
Halo, saya membuka LINE GROUP untuk belajar melalui chat bahasa Indonesia. Jika tertarik, boleh bergabung, silahkan klik link berikut ini http://line.me/R/ti/g/htfjxEcasl

Hello, I open LINE GROUP for learning Indonesian by chat. If you guys interested, lets join. Just open this link http://line.me/R/ti/g/htfjxEcasl
Natalia_indonative profile picture Natalia_indonativeJanuary 2017
Anybody want to learn Indonesian? I want to exchange with English and French